Friday, November 9, 2007

Back to Business

Hubby will be calling the doctor in a few minutes. We are, once again, hoping to get permission to go home. If not, we are going to be in trouble. Financial trouble. We have been here for two weeks without any income. we have stretched our pennies about as far as they will stretch. At this point, we have enough money for two plane tickets home- if we use two different bank accounts, and buy no groceries when we get there. We have no more cushion, no back up, no savings. Once again, I'm looking into a loan. Not a big one, but something that will get us by for a few weeks until we have start getting some paychecks again. I like the Bad Credit Offers website because it allows me to sort through all the bad credit loans and offers. I am able to get a better idea of what is available. If we get permission and can go home this weekend, we might be able to make it without a loan. If not, well, let's just hope I can find a good interest rate.

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