Friday, November 2, 2007

Best Halloween Costume

Halloween this year was spent in Utah. That differs from the previous year, since we live in North Carolina. But it does not differ from the previous 18 years, which I spent growing up in Utah. I used to love Halloween. I loved the dressing up and candy and all of it. But then I landed in the hospital too many times and I started dreading the day (broken arm, emergency room, sick with who-knows-what-but-lets-give-her-a-spinal-tap-and-that-should-fix-it). Well now that costume makers (creatures?) are getting smarter about costumes (let's make it warm and cute!) and parents are getting smarter about trick-or-treating (let's go to the mall where it's warm, let's do a trunk or treat where we actually know the people giving my kids candy), I am beginning to enjoy the holiday again.
This year, I spent Halloween with my best friend, Crystal, and her adorable daughter, Cathy. . . and I know her husband, Jim, was participating, too, when he could spare a moment to glance around his laptop in between studying for his law school exams. (Personally, I think his priorities are a little messed up. Candy or studying? Hmm, tough choice. But then again, he's doing the whole "planning to support a family" thing, so I might be the one that needs to re-evaluate.) I spent a wonderful evening watching Cathy clutch her little pumpkin over flowing with candy, Crystal light up every time someone told her how cute her daughter was, eating doughnuts (that word sucks to spell, BTW), telling people that although "Yes, she is adorable!" that "Sadly, she isn't mine", going all ga-ga over seeing the cutest twins in the world (okay, the mall) dressed up in their stroller like "Two peas in a Pod", and talking the whole night with my best friend and anything, everything, and nothing under the sun.
This morning, I happened to see another "Most adorable kid". This girl is beautiful out of a costume, too! And now that Halloween is over and your own kids can go back to being your kids and not the greatest superhero of the world or the most prettiest princess of all, you might spare a moment to admire another beautiful child- and dog. Enjoy!

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