Monday, November 26, 2007

Call Me Crazy. . .

. . . But I love doing laundry. It's very relaxing to me. The routine of it. Separate, wash, dry, fold, put away. I have washed just about everything you can think of, normal or odd. I may have even washed a canvas tent once. Right now, I have a load in the washer and the dryer, and another waiting to go in. That's what brought this up in the first place.
On the other hand, I can't stand doing dishes. I don't mind unloading the dishwasher, but I absolutely can't stand loading it. Actually I wouldn't mind loading it so much, if there was no water involved. See, I hate the standing water. I hate Hate HATE it when people put dishes in the sink, run water on them, and then leave them. The water becomes disgusting.
So if there is anyone out there that would like to do my dishes for me, I would love to do your laundry for you!

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