Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The Kinda Static

Well I gained two more levels on my Bard last night. I partied with Selo and Achi, and Vel once he got there. The only magic in the party was me, and I was / whm. It was kinda cool to see that parties don't need mp. Sad for my mages, but cool in a grander scheme of things type way. But it was cool to party with the people I will be staticking with. Vel, you better watch it, because if you keep putting loads of pressure on me, I'm going to give up again and quit BRD. I don't work well under pressure. And I see no reason to play a game when there is no fun in it anymore. Thanks for the encouragement, but let's chill it out just a bit, please? I was pulling last night,too. That was a mostly new experience for me. It wasn't too difficult though. Now, maybe I was just pulling in an easy area, but I never did get agroed by anything else, and I only got one link the whole time. I don't really know what people are complaining about. Anyway, we partied for about an hour and a half, and then my cold caught up with me again, and I had to quit. Selo took me back and we did the Mog House thing! It was so cool! My sweet husband. He knows what things matter to me. Even when they are cheesy <3

When I tried to sleep last night, I struggled. I tossed and turned all night long. Is it just because I am so sick? You'd think that by now I would be so exhausted I would just crash and stay that way. But no, I spend half the night awake. *sigh*

I think I might call my Grandpa Ronnie this week. I want to catch up with him, plus I could use his advice. People always like it when you call them for advice, ya know. Plus, Grandpa Ronnie always has really good, logical, and down to earth advice. It would be nice to get his opinion on our situation.

I'm off to find myself some food. I hope you have a wonderful rest of the day. /wave

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