Tuesday, November 27, 2007

It's Cold Here

It's is cold. It started sprinkling down the snow around lunchtime, but not more than a few flakes. Now, it is obvious that it is snowing. I doubt it will stick, or even make any difference. But it's snowing all the same. And it's cold. I would like the snow, if it wasn't cold.
So, as usual, when I am cold, I want something to make me warm. This time, I wanted to GO somewhere warm. So. Even though we are broke as can be, I decided to look for a nice warm vacation. I can dream, right? I decided on San Diego, since we were just there. When we were there a few months ago, it was warm and sunny. I love the sunshine. I'm such a sun baby. lol Anyway. We went to the zoo in San Diego. And played in the pool. And we got to visit with a lot of family that we hadn't seen in many years. It was a great vacation. Nice and warm.
I'm sure with another sweatshirt, and a warmer pair of socks, I will be fine. Maybe I'll add a room heater next to my feet or a small heating pad inside the blanket with me. Oh, the things I do to stay warm.

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