Sunday, November 25, 2007

Enough, Already -- and Ding BRD21

Make it stop. Please. Anybody.
My nose is my enemy this week. On one side, I am so stuffed up I can't breath. On the other side, I bleed every time I turn around. The air in UT is a lot dryer than the air in NC. So after being there for a few weeks, the veins in my nose got so dry, the just break. In five days, I've had five nosebleeds. Gross. I'm running out of dark colored T-shirts to wear. Plus, after this long, you'd think it would have quit be now.
I bought some Vasoline to heal the veins in my nose, and I have a humidifier pointed right at my head. I turned it on a few minutes ago so that when I go to bed, it's already prepped and ready. I also bought some of those "Extra soft tissues with lotion" to try and save what's left of my poor nose. It's red and puffy and peeling. Ew. I'm very disappointed with the "better" tissues. Not only are they not better, they are more scratchy than the bathroom tissue I have been using. Maybe next time I will skip the aloe and vitamin E tissues and go straight for the tissues with Vick's in them. And since I was there, I also grabbed two of the mini bottles of hand sanitizer for fifty cents to carry in my purse. No sense in spreading this misery around.
I did get some time in game today. I worked on clearing my mog house for a while. Sent a bunch of stuff to my mule, sold a bunch to vendor, and put some on the auction house. I partied on my bard. I only got two levels, though, because my party sucked. We had a full party wipe- including our two power levelers- right after I got my second lvl. Yes, I know, I know. There was a good note about the party though. We had two dancers and a scholar. I don't like galka dnc, but I don't mind it as much as I thought I would. As for sch, I didn't notice it enough in the party to make a decision one way or another. I'll study it more next time. My BRD is now 21, and I'll probably party more tomorrow. Vel says I have to get 20 lvls to catch up with them. Hahaha. Might actually be possible if they weren't partying at the same time. But I like BRD, so it's their loss ;)
All right, NyQuil is starting to kick in. I'm off to bed. Yes, it's only seven o'clock, but have you heard me try to speak lately. No? It's because I have no voice! Pile that on top of not being able to hear because my ears are clogged, and not being able to breath, and I'd say bedtime is exactly what I need at this hour. Maybe I'll add a picture of myself looking like this tomorrow. Then you can laugh at my misery.
I hope you have a wonderful Sunday evening. And stay nice and healthy.

(((I added a new label. Although I am neither healthy nor beautiful right now, I felt it fit. I'll be adding it to past posts if it's appropriate sometime later this week.)))


Elizabeth said...

Oh sweetie, you are so sick! Unfortunately, I know exactly how you feel. I started not feeling good around the first week of the month, and I have not been able to breathe freely ever since.

I have a suggestion for a product you could try-Zicam Nasal Swabs. There's no medication in them, they are homeopathic. You break the swab open and swipe around just inside each nostril, and for me, it helps me breathe easier. I hope something like that helps!

Mini said...

Thanks Elizabeth. Being sick is the pits. I'll check that product out next time I visit the store. For the moment, I'm not putting anything up my nose until I am sure the nosebleeds have stopped- for good. Once that happens, I will take anything that will help me breathe! I hope you getting feeling better soon. With a household to run, you don't have much time to even be sick.

melissaclee said...

I find it so much easier to breathe when I go back to British Columbia or Tennessee/Alabama than Idaho or Utah.

Veloxe said...

Oh common! 20 levels is nothing for a BRD! It's like a walk in the park :P Since we only party on one official day you got plenty of time. Even if you don't catch up this week or next you will probably catch up eventually.

Hope your nose stops being a jerk though. Since I don't really travel I haven't had any problems like that personally but you are probably better sticking with toilet paper. From my experience it is softer than most (if not all) actual tissue paper. Also since the manufacturers seem to be obsessed with absorbency in TP it will be able to soak up the blood better too.

Mini said...

Melissa- It's nice to know someone agrees with me. The air back east is cleaner and smoother, and just plain more pleasant.

Veloxe- I can't promise 20 lvls that fast, but I will be giving my best effort. You know me, I'm slow. But I like BRD, and with everyone lvling their new jobs, I shouldn't have any trouble finding a party. lol And hopefully one better than the last!