Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Get. A. Printer.

I love my sister. I love all of them. But I get frustrated when I offer to help someone, and it turns out to be SO much more work than expected. Like right now.
The Davis family has a game every year. This year, we are doing the Christmas game at Thanksgiving, since that is when everyone will be at Grandma Davis' house. Rebeka is in charge of the game. She has been working on it all year long- literally. And tomorrow is the big day. The problem is, she couldn't get them printed. She doesn't own a printer. Mom's printer was out of ink. Grandma Davis' printer is broken. So I offered to help. She sends me the file, and it's completely in color. She needs 23 copies of pages covered in orange and red. Yeah, not gonna happen. So I offer to try to redo the page in black and white, and then print it. More work than I planned, but it's for family, right?
Right now, I really wish my sister had a printer. I love mine at home. A scanner slash copier slash printer. It's wonderful. The only thing even close to it would be a portable scanner. This little portable scanner is kind of neat. It is so small, has a USB connection, and- best of all- it is Vista compatible. (I have Vista on my laptop.)
So if you are going to plan a big project, be sure you have the time and means to finish it. I love my sister, but I'm already not feeling well (I think I am catching Hubby's cold), I have plenty of work to finish on this, and it's late. I hope she loves me for this one.

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