Wednesday, November 21, 2007

No News Yet

Well Hubby had his test today. The HIDDA scan. And we don't know anything. We expected to have some information as soon as it was over, since the doctor (yes, doctor- not a nurse) doing the test was explaining everything to us as it went along and giving us status reports. Unfortunately, not much out of the ordinary happened. The doc said Selo's gal bladder looked like it was functioning well, and it was moving the bile around and processing normally. So that pretty much rules it out. There is still a chance it could be his gal bladder, but we won't know that until Hubby's primary care physician (PCP) talks to him, probably Monday.
The next step is a very unpleasant one. It is to check his colon. That means going inside him, not just more x-rays from the outside.
*sigh* I'm still open to hearing any suggestions or advice anyone has. And for those of you that pray, please pray that the doctors find whatever is causing him so much pain.


Silly Scrubs said...

yuck. the prep is the worst part. But thank goodness for versed! Hope they figure it out soon!

Mini said...

We hope so. But we've been hoping "soon" for a while now. lol I need to start keeping a list of everything people suggest we have him tested for. Shingles, kink in his colon, ect. I think the doctors are losing hope, too, and that is scary.