Monday, November 19, 2007

Hubby's Next Test

He had his next Dr appt today. We, again, discussed symptoms, and narrowed in on some specifics. The fact that he is in more pain after he eats, and specifically after any food that is fatty or fried. It hurts in his lower stomach area and in his back. The pain never goes away, but it relieves somewhat when he lies down. I brought up the gal bladder. The doctor agreed it sounded like a gal bladder. (My mom and my sister both had to have theirs removed. I remember it vividly. Feels like deja vu.) Hubby is scheduled to have a Hida Scan done on Wed. Good thing we didn't have Thanksgiving dinner planned until 5:30 that day, huh? Just kidding. He probably won't be up to eating anyway. But, we are hoping that this will show something, and some decisions can be made in order to stop him from being in so much pain. It's been weeks. It's time for him to get some peace already!

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