Monday, November 19, 2007

Cutting Costs

Since we have both been out of work for so long, we have been talking about ways to cut some corner. I don't mean buy the cheap type of ramen instead of the good kind. I'm talking about some logical and do-able ways. Like our car insurance. Did you know we have three vehicles? We have had three for a while; the Buick, the Mitsubishi, and the truck. We pay approximately $450 every six months for car insurance. Not bad for three vehicles and two drivers. Anyway, so we have been talking about selling the truck and dropping it from our insurance. I called in to get a car insurance quotes on how much of a difference that would make. I found out we pay about $150 for each vehicle. I was a little surprised, considering the difference in age, make, and model, but not in a bad way. Now that we know it would drop our insurance by that much, we are even more serious about taking action. Not only would it drop our insurance, but it would also give us that much $$$ for selling it, too. To me, it sounds good all the way around. Now, I just need to get Hubby to agree. . .

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