Wednesday, November 14, 2007

<[Besieged]> <[Yes, Please]>

I love Besieged. Of all the FFXI fights to be involved in, Besieged is my favorite. There were three today. One right after another. I stayed for all three. When it started, I started my usual party. Then as other WS members logged in or joined Besieged, I invited them to party. By the time it ended, I had a full alliance for a big part of it. I died a few times, as usual. Overall, I did really well this time. I stayed alive for the longest period of time I ever have during Besieged. lol I also met a cool RDM named Torout. I swear he followed me around just to keep refresh on me. He was awesome.
Here are a few pics for you to enjoy :)

(Left) This is one of the mobs we were fighting. She's not as friendly as she looks.

(Below) Look! I'm still alive!

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