Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Sleep Well

We were stranded in Utah for two weeks. First Hubby's father passed away. We were really sad about that. Yet, we were glad he was no longer hurting. Then, the day when I was flying back, Hubby ended up in the ER. Twice. So were stayed longer. We were there until Hubby finally got permission from his doctor to travel again. Once we could travel, we came home. (Not that it solved ANY of our problems, but that's for another blog.) While we were in Utah, we stayed at a family member's house. My mother-in-law, to be specific. I love my mother-in-law. I think she is wonderful and she loves me right back. It is nice to be able to get along so well with someone. But let's not forget something. Two weeks. At MIL's house. As much as we love our family, we were ready to have some of our own space again. Even though we didn't have the cash for it, I wondered about hotels and rates. I have stayed in some very inexpensive hotels in my day, and then again, I have stayed in some nice ones. (Although nothing as nice as the one I am about to stay in.) Well, I found a website. Hotel You can search for a hotel, vacation rental, car, and flight, and all for a discounted rate. You can search for places all over the world, this site isn't limited to the United States. My favorite search? By Amenities. I just had fun seeing what I could come with there. If you don't want a hotel, you can search for Bed & Breakfast or condos. I think Bed & Breakfasts are so cute- and very romantic! There is even a section for group bookings, so you can make plans for your entire party. (You know, for those family reunion vacations. Like the Davis Family Vacation.) You can check out cruises- and who doesn't want to go on a cruise. Hubby and I have actually been talking about it. He wants to go on a cruise before he is thirty. We bet getting moving on it! There is even a Destination Guide to help you research and plan your trip. So, if you are considering a trip or vacation, or looking for something grand to give your sweetheart for Christmas, you should look at this site. It will make your life simpler- and save you money.

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