Monday, November 5, 2007

Mmmm M&Ms

Hubby is doing better. Well, if you consider not needing morphine to deal with his pain or ending up in the ER, then he is doing better. Last night, he ate and held down a bowl of soup. This morning, he is sitting up on the couch, and has water in one hand and juice in the other- and has also held those down.
Sitting on the couch together and watching TV, we saw a commercial for Customizable M&Ms. What a great idea!!! We have had so much fun (well, not enough to send him back to the hospital, but you know what I mean) playing around with the M&Ms and their cute gift boxes and bags. You can put a message on your M&M, then select a gift box or gift bag to send them in. Plus, I am impressed with the prices. They are quite a bit more than I would pay for regular M&Ms, but not bad for customizing! I must say, I am having a hard time deciding who on my list won't be getting customized M&Ms for Christmas this year ;)

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