Sunday, November 4, 2007

Someone has to find Something Somewhere

I've spent the majority of the last twenty four hours in the Emergency Room. We took Hubby in because he was having severe lower abdominal pain. The docs have done cat scans, ultra-sounds, blood tests, urine tests, pressure tests, and anything else with or without a fancy name. We went in at midnight last night, and came home at six this morning. We went, again, at noon today, and came home just after six. They kept him on morphine the whole time at the hospital. The only thing that came back abnormal was blood in his urine and a slightly high white blood cell count.
They have NO reason why. None. Nothing. Not a single reason. Everything has been covered and talked about: kidney stones, stress, anxiety, bowel problems, bad food, gal bladder, UTI, appendix- anything we could think of. But there are no solid answers.
At this point, he has been sent home and told to drink lots of fluids, go easy on solids, go to your PCP in three days (it was seven days the first time we went in), and do your best to treat the pain since we can't treat whatever is wrong. He has had a blessing, and we said lots of prayers.
For those of you that are wondering, I canceled my flight home. I'm staying until he is out of pain, can sleep without writhing, and can eat without losing it.
Sorry about not blogging, as I promised earlier. Real life is my priority right now.


Brittany said...

The internet is nothing compared to family and those you love. Take care of him!

Silly Scrubs said...

Eww. Are they gonna scope him? Hope he feels better soon!

Mini said...

No, they didn't scope him.

He is feeling better now, so we are hoping for the best.

melissaclee said...

I hope it is nothing serious and you both get to go home soon.