Wednesday, November 7, 2007

More Rambling

I know, I've done a lot of rambling for the last little while. Since I'm not in school and not home to care for my patients, I have lots of time to think. About stuff. And about nothing. Between my husband and my mother in law, they do what they can to keep me busy. Hubby is mostly able to care for himself, but he still gets tired easily and still has dizzy spells. My mother in law is nice enough to let us stay with her while we are here, so I do what I can to clean up and help around her house. Tonight, we decided on a relaxing night. Chinese food, movie, and a little time with the Wii. lol I love my family. Well, Hubby's family. Okay, I love both my family and Hubby's family. Now I'm really rambling. Time to do something more productive.

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