Saturday, November 10, 2007

Our Own Bed

One of the things we miss the most whenever we travel is our own bed. Most people are like that. There's just nothing like sinking into the comfortable feeling of my own bed. My own blankets, my own mattress, my own sheets. When Hubby and I still lived in Utah (and before we were married), we had purchased a feather pillow top for our bed. It is warm and cool at the same time. It is fluffy and comfortable. It took me a few nights to get used to, because it was so soft. Yet ever since then, nothing compares to my own bed.
We have considered purchasing a new bed a few times. We decided if and when we buy a new bed, we are going to invest the money into a good one. Probably a Tempurpedic, because they are so good for you- well, us. AngelBeds has these mattresses- and others- at a discount price. Even though we live in the furniture capital (GREAT stuff at cheap prices!), these prices are pretty good, too. Right now, they are having a Veteran's Day Sale, where you can get 2 free pillows, and a free set of sheets, including fitted, flat, and two pillow cases. You can get the bed, pillows, and sheets, and all for less than you would normally pay. They even have a pink Chenille blanket for Breast Cancer Awareness- and who wouldn't want a chenille blanket, especially one that's for such a good cause?
It's nice to dream. But I just can't wait to be back home in my own bed. We may be thinking about purchasing a new bed, but there's just no place like home.

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