Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Scary! . . . but . . . worth it?

My sister, we shall call her Starr, and a friend of mine, whom we shall call Bob, are considering the lap band surgery. Both of them consider themselves to be significantly over weight, and would like medical assistance to get to a healthier weight. So, I have been doing research on this "lap band" surgery. At first, it was really scary to me. However, the more research I do, the more comfortable I feel about it. Instead of making a huge cut in the stomach and removing part of the stomach itself, the lap band surgery only has a small cut in the stomach and puts a silicone band around the top part of the stomach- leaving the stomach in tact. The size of the stomach is reduced, making the amount of food eaten smaller- even though you still feel full because your stomach is full, and therefore enabling one to lose excess weight. (If you are considering the lap band Central Florida you can contact Journey Lite for more info.) At this point, I am much more supportive of my family and friend having this surgery done, as opposed to the more invasive and scarier ones. I know how much it would mean to them to not only look better, but to feel better.

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Gastric Band Surgery said...

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