Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Skipping Off to School

Looks like I will continue my little path as is. I was concerned about being withdrawn from my classes because of missing so many days, but both my instructors were really nice and more than accommodating. (Which is more than I can say for other people I work with, but that's another tantrum for later.) My math teacher was even surprised that, not only did I know the work immediately today, but I am still ahead on my homework. I have missed a couple of tests. Luckily for me, both instructor requested that I wait until after Thanksgiving to do them. That gives me a few weeks to get caught up in anything else I am missing. And at this point, it looks like I am only missing one English essay that was given out last Friday. Tomorrow will be a good day. Instead of my English being held in the classroom, we will be in The Pit listening to a speaker. I will have more info about him later. I am glad to be back in class again. It keeps my brain sharp!

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