Thursday, November 8, 2007

Still Working

I have today set aside to do homework. I have three classes to catch up on. Most of the time when I say "catch up", I generally mean "get ahead". I stay ahead in all my classes, and I feel antsy if I am simply caught up instead of ahead. Since so many things can go wrong so often, I like having time for the unexpected. I love English. I have an essay to write and some material to review. I also have some math to do. I enjoy math, but I struggle with it sometimes. I might be calling my sister over to be my Innovative Tutor so I can get some help with it. The class is working on chapter five and six this week. I am finished five last week, and I am half way through six. I will finish six today, and probably work on chapter seven. That is the one I will need my sister's help on. She's really good at math, and good at explaining it to me. Anyway, back to work!

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