Thursday, November 8, 2007

Don't know who to vote for? Take this quiz to narrow down your Top Three Candidates

I love politics. I love researching and reading and talking and debating and discussing and learning and all of it. I am loving all the political stuff that is already going on for the coming election. You know, the one next year. I voted in the last few elections. Didn't shirk on my American responsibility! However, this time, I feel like I will really know the candidates when I vote. I have been studying since summer of this year. That will give me a year and a half of studying and watching and listening. (Did I mention I am loving every minute of it?) I believe I have narrowed down the candidates I prefer. Out of the current 17 candidates, I have a handful picked out, because you never know how, when, or why things could change. Today, I found a quiz. This quiz asks eleven questions, and you answer them multiple choice. The questions are on Iraq, immigration, Health Care, and Hot Topics (one question each for taxes, same sex marriage, and global warming), and one last question about your requirements for a President. The quiz totals up your scores, compares them to the candidates, and presents you with the top three that match your answers. My answers were very accurate. My top two matches I had predicted, the third one was a candidate I will be doing more research on in the near future.

So, if you are American, I expect you to do your American duty and vote in the Presidential election next year. If you don't know anything about any of the candidates, I suggest you get started. And if you would like to save time by starting with three that are the closest to your beliefs, try the quiz.

ABCs Match-O-Meter Quiz

Meet the Candidates
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