Tuesday, December 4, 2007

A Better Ahhhhh

This morning my mouth was even more sore. It hurt when I swallow enough to take my breath away. (Not that I breathe when I swallow . . .) I couldn't move my tongue to the left side of my mouth without hurting.

I didn't have any trouble eating though. I was surprised that I didn't have trouble swallowing when I ate, only when I was swallowing without something in my mouth.

I bought fries for lunch today. I put a fry in my mouth and moved it to the very back of my mouth where it was sore, so the steamy hot-ness of it could help my mouth. And I drank lots of water this afternoon.

Tonight, I am feeling better. I am able to move my tongue around without much pain. I can swallow again. I am still a little bit sore, but not nearly as much as this morning, or even yesterday. I am hoping that my mouth continues to heal. By tomorrow, maybe I won't be in any pain at all.

I wonder what it was . . . ?

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