Monday, December 3, 2007

Better Luck Next Time

Well, I didn't win the auction I was trying for on eBay. I'm working on purchasing a gift here or there, but so far, no luck. I'll keep trying. Soon though, I will have to get my backside to the store and just buy them. Aren't these Hublot watches nice? Quite out of my price range though. I like the big one at the bottom.
I don't want to go out. It's cold outside. Bitter cold. I'm not a fan of winter, because I hate Hate HATE freezing my butt off. I love jumping into my bed (especially with my hubby!) and snuggling down under all the blankets and getting warm. I'm a big fan of cozy :) I excited for when we have kids, because I want to have every snuggle on the bed for stories or hot cocoa. I know, it's dangerous. But, my kids? Sooo worth it. I'll wash the blankets all the time, if it means I can snuggle my babies <3

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