Thursday, December 6, 2007

Putting His Foot Down

I was thinking about a loan to help us out a bit. We have gotten a bit behind in our finances- hospital bills from Selo being in the ER and the doctor's office, and both of us being out of work for two weeks- and I figured a small loan would catch us up again. We would be able to bring everything current and maybe even get a little ahead, and then pay off the loan because we wouldn't be living paycheck to paycheck and dealing with late fees. But Selo said no. More specifically, he said he would absolutely not consider Payday loans as a way out for us. *sigh* So back to the drawing board. I know we are close to getting caught up, it just seems far away.


journeygal said...

Awww, hang in there. It will get better! Payday loans are a scary thing to get started on because the interest rates are so high and they target people who are desperate.

Hey, can you email me your mailing address that you could be reached at in the next week? There is this magazine that I LOVE and I think about you every time I read it so I decided I wanted to pass a few issues on to you.

And, I will email you soon. Sorry I've been out of touch!

Mini said...

Leave it to him to be logical when I am very much not!

I sent you an email with my address. Thank you for thinking of me! I look forward to reading it.