Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Sad Story

Another shooting. More lives taken. More chaos. More heartbreak. Eight people died. How many lives changed because of that? Five wounded. How much time will they have to spend recovering? How many hours will be spent in counseling to battle this? How many people won't receive the counseling they need to deal with this? How many people, are going to point fingers, and place blame? Instead of being pro-active and working towards improving our country.

My heart goes out to Omaha, and the rest of the country.


Anonymous said...

I am shocked at those that have left comments on my blog that believe that he had a right to shoot those people.

9 dead in shootings at Westroads Mall

Mini said...

Yes, I agree!

It seems he had a difficult last few moments. However I do not feel that gave him- or anyone- the RIGHT to go on a shooting rampage.