Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Selo's Neurologist Appointment

Well we had his appt with the Neurologist today. (I'm getting good at spelling that word *sigh*) The doctor was very thorough, and answered all of our questions. We had tons. And tons. Anyway, here's a basic rundown of things. And since it is still all a jumble inside my head, it won't be any more organized when I write it down.

He has to go on medication. The doctor said he will probably be on it for the rest of his life.

He is not allowed to drive. At all.

It is not hereditary, but our children have a higher risk of having seizures.

He has to have more tests done.

The doctor explained what happens inside the brain during a seizure, and how to handle it when a person has one.

Well, those are the basics of it. I am going to keep a "journal" if you will of all the details. So far, I have kept everything in my head, but I'll never be able to keep up on that. So I am going to put all the details and dates and everything in my protected blog, so I can keep it- and keep it safe.

I will be doing lots and lots and lots of research in the next two days. I will probably be posting some info here, and I would love to hear anything you guys have to say about it. Any sites you recommend, if you have dealt with this, if you know about meds, if you have done any research yourself and happen to know what I should be learning.

(And if you would like access to my protected blog so you can read more, just let me know.)

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