Monday, February 11, 2008

Cell Phone Numbers Being Published Tomorrow

Thank you, Valerie, for sending me this one. This email has been circulating the web for some time, and it filling peoples' mail boxes left and right. Well, you can rest at ease- it is FALSE. Your mobile number will not be published in a phone book or directory, and it will not be sold to a telemarketing company- at least, not by the phone companies.

Here is the link that tells about the various emails, and the origins of the rumor. CLICK HERE

PS The telephone number listed IS the correct number for the National Do Not Call Registry. So if you have a landline you would like to list, that is the number to call.


Jade said...

Funny story--about two weeks ago, a friend of mine wrote up a note about this on Facebook. I sent him to Snopes and he still didn't believe me and said he still got some telemarketing calls. To which I reminded him that he probably gave his number out online because a lot of those places--you're giving them permission to use and sell your number, which is perfectly legal in the cell phone world. The note disappeared after that =) Silly boys.

*Mini* said...

Maybe he just needed a reminder? lol