Monday, February 11, 2008


You know those Get To Know You emails that your friends send you and you are supposed to send back? My family has started getting into those, and I have learned a lot about my family. I am enjoying it.

Well, today, I received one back from my sister. And one of her answers stopped me in my tracks. I almost starting crying.

31. Who inspires you? My step mom and Marie.


journeygal said...

You are a great sister. :-)

K&M.HappilyEverAfter said...

Hey girl, I wanted you to know that when you track me on your widget that I can be in Glen Burnie, MD or Salt Lake City, UT. Of course being a flight attendant I could be a lot of other places, but I rarely get online when I'm on the road. :)
Wanted you to know who is lurking!:)

Stepmama-Drama said...

Come get your award at my blog darlin!

*Mini* said...

Elise- Thanks! It helps that I have some great sisters.

Katie- Good to know. I'll keep that in mind. But just for the record, you are welcome to 'lurk'- you don't cause any trouble!

Stepmama-drama- Thanks Honey! I'll be right over!