Monday, February 25, 2008

The First Day of The Week

Selo had his EEG and MRI today.

He had to stay up all night for the EEG. I would like to say a huge thank you to Veloxe, Gamina, and (*insert the name of the person I can't remember but am still really grateful for here*) for keeping him up all night long. When I woke up at six am this morning to take over my shift, they were all still going at it and keeping him entertained so he didn't fall asleep. Thanks guys!!!

Both tests went fine, to the best of our knowledge. The nurses doing the tests couldn't give us a reading, but they told us they didn't see anything abnormal. That is good news, actually. It means the med he is on is working.

After the test, we got him a Jamba. That seems to be where we head as soon as we leave the hospital lately. Then we got home and Selo went to bed.

Next up- Tomorrow he goes on an all clear liquid diet, to prepare for the test on Wed. And Friday we will have the neurologist follow-up to get the readings of the tests.


Veloxe said...

Wait...clear liquid diet? So like...water and??

*Mini* said...

Um. . . apple juice . . . and . . . grapefruit juice. . . and . . . Um . . .