Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Making Plans for Piper to Come Home

You guys probably think I am crazy for talking about my cat so much. And for being so determined to get her back. But I miss her so much I almost don't care. I have been so lonely without a furry friend in my home. I feel like someone is missing.

I called my grandmother and asked if she would bring Piper back when they fly back from Myrtle Beach next weekend. She said they couldn't because they are flying Southwest. But they are flying back to NC in May and flying on American then. So I am going to call the airline and ask about the animal travel requirements. Grandma said that between her, Grandpa, and my Aunt Tamra, they will be able to get Piper back here for me. I will probably meet them at the airport just so I can get her as soon as they step off the plane. I told Grandma I still had the tranquilizers I got from Piper's vet for her before we moved to NC, and I would make sure she had those. I might just mail those to Judy, so that the pills are there. And the carrier is still back there. I left it when we moved hoping that Piper would be caught and brought home.

I need to prepare to have her here, too. I need to get a litter box, because she will be kept inside for the first few weeks she is here. Once she gets used to being here, I will let her out. But cats have to gain their bearings before being let outside. So I will need a litter box and litter. We will need food, and food and water dishes. I need to find out if she still has her collar, and if not, get another one. I also want to make sure she has a tagc with her name and my mobile number on it.

Since she will be staying in NC for a few more months, Judy is going to update her on her shots out there. I had planned on doing it once she got here, but since she won't be here for a while, it's better not to wait.

I love that I can make these plans! I love that getting my Piper back is a reality! I realized today that Piper will be four years old this year. Man, I miss her.

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journeygal said...

I think it is so cute that you are getting your cat back! I hope it all works out.