Tuesday, February 26, 2008

11 Reasons I Love Being an Adult

1-I can drink whatever I want whenever I want. If I want a glass of milk just because I am thirsty, I can.

2-Doing my own clothes shopping. If I like a shirt, I will buy it. If I don't like it, I don't buy it. No pressure from my parents or grandparents to wear something I don't like just because they bought it for me.

3-Making my bed the way I want. If I want the electric blanket underneath the sheet rather than on top of me, I do it that way. Heat rises, it's only logical the blanket goes under the bottom sheet.

4-Sleeping as late as I want. I won't have my dad coming in my room to vacuum and waking me up.

5-Buying my own medicine. I get to choose what flavor of NyQuil I want.

6-Buying my own cereal. I get to pick whatever I am in the mood for THAT WEEK. And I can change my mind before I even leave the store if I want to.

7-Reading what I want to. I can study whatever I want, and do research on whatever I want. I don't have teachers or parents telling me what direction I should go with my research.

8-Taking my time. I can spend as long as I want cleaning because I want to deep clean. No one is telling me to hurry up.

9-I can wear my jeans two or three times in a row if I want to.

10-I love not being told "you're too young for that". I still, to this day, hate that line.

11- I can be anything I want. Including a futures broker, if I want.


journeygal said...

LOL. I love this. I may just come up with my own top 10 list for being an adult!

*Mini* said...

I started thinking about it and just went with it!

mendifae said...

to # 6, 7, and 9 - AMEN sister! I also discovered those when I finally moved out...wow, I can choose my own cereal and who cares if it's the most expensive one there??!! LOL

Stopping by to give you some ((hugs))!! I hope you guys are ok!

Table for Five said...

This cracked me up! I would add, listening to whatever I WANT on the car radio!

*Mini* said...

I agree- or even more importantly to me, NOT listening to anything if I feel like it!