Thursday, February 21, 2008

I Get My Piper Back!!!

Judy sent me an email today. Piper let Judy pick her up, and Judy took her into the house. When Judy left after lunch, Piper was sitting on the couch sleeping.

This is a big deal!!!

Why? Because Piper is a stuck up cat that doesn't like people. She is exactly like her mom in that aspect. I got Chani (Piper's mom) when she was a kitten and raised her. Piper is from Chani's first litter. Chani was never very social- she didn't like to be pet or held, didn't like to be around people too much, loved being outside, and- although she was a good mom- was never too close to even her kittens. Piper is even more of a snob than Chani was. What this means, is that she would spend days and almost weeks outside by herself. She can hunt, and does so very well. Even though she has food available at all times, she mostly just hunts. She used to come home and inside maybe once a week for a night or two, and then back out on her own again. I made sure she was fixed and healthy, but she was very much on her own. I was the only one she would let pet her or even go near her. So when Selo and I took her to my step-mom's to stay when Selo's father passed away and we didn't know how long we would be gone, Piper escaped. That was clear back in November. This is the first time she has allowed someone to get close enough to her to actually "catch" her.

I am so excited because that means I can have her back. I had to leave her when we moved across the country, and I have missed her so much. But now that she has allowed Judy to pick her up, Piper might actually stick around the house close enough for me to find someone to bring her home. My grandparents are in Myrtle Beach right now, and will be coming home at the end of this month. I'm going to call them this weekend and ask if they will bring her back when they come.

I get my Piper back!!!

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