Thursday, February 21, 2008

Working Things Out

Disclosure: If you are one of those people that claims to have a perfect marriage and you never fight with your spouse, Go away. Don't read this post. Because I don't want to hear from anyone that doesn't live on this planet in today's reality.

The situation: We have a car now. No, we didn't buy one, my grandparents are letting us borrow it. (It's a nice car, too!) Selo's work had a big lay off Monday, including his boss and friend that picked him up in the mornings. (Yes, we are suspicious that Selo will be laid off soon. Not happy.) These two things put together mean Selo's wife will be driving him to work in the mornings now. (See: a very sleepy Mini)

This is good and bad.

Good: We are no longer relying on someone else. Not that Tim was ever late or even asked for gas money. But we are on our own again.

Bad: Mini isn't so nice early in the morning. Six am is early.

The problem? We fus. Not ugly fights or hating each other. But I am GRUMPY. I'm not quite awake, I'm getting used to a new schedule, and I don't like being awake that early- for any reason. So I'm cranky.
Poor Selo has to put up with me. He has done a pretty good job, but I must admit, this is not our finest hour. We have fought about some real stuff, but mostly just dumb things. He said/ she said. You did/ you didn't. Just dumb stuff that I know would be avoided if we had had the same conversation later in the day. When I was, you know, awake and having better control over my emotions and remembering that what I say could hurt someone.
It's certainly not Selo's fault this is happening. He didn't ask for any of this. And would I really WANT someone other than me to drive him to work in the morning? I don't think so.

Anyway, I just wanted to vent for a minute. I'll get over it. I'll get used to this. We'll be okay. But I wanted to talk about it for a second, and process through it. Suggestions (real suggestions, not ones from you that think you have an uber perfect marriage and read this anyway) are welcome, but not required. Enjoy the rest of your sleep everyone.


Jade said...

If you ever find a solution to this, please share. Ryan and I have some key situations in which it's a given that we're gonna get into some mindless bickering for no reason. I have no clue how to avoid that stuff...

*Mini* said...

Because not talking is just not an option.

journeygal said...

My solution? Don't forget you are just people. Normal people. Normal people get grumpy and fussy and argue sometimes. So let each other have your moments and then do your best to forgive/forget and move on...if you are really lucky, you can occaisionally find some humor in your crankiness after-the-fact and make fun of yourself a bit and laugh it off together. Doesn't always work, for sure, but sometimes....