Friday, February 22, 2008

More Money Problems

I am stressed. Our finances suck so badly right now.

We are about $30,000 in debt with Selo's medical expenses. And next week, when he has all those tests, we will add another $5 grand to that. Plus we have to come up with some of the money to pay up front, now that it is obvious we don't have insurance anymore. I finally got the actual date that our insurance ended. January 26. So I am fighting to have anything before that covered. The insurance company told me today that although we have been paying $200 a month, they only cover $50 of the first ER visit per year. Is that even legal?

We also made a really dumb move. When we changed banks from the NC one to a Utah bank, we forgot to move two automatic payments. They were taken from the account, bfut since we had already moved our DD, the account bounced. We had $171 in charges bounce, and the bank tacked on $220 in fees because of it. Ugh. I am working on getting some money together to pay a part of it. I am hoping if I call the bank and tell them I have $250 to my name and that is it, maybe they will take off some (a lot?!) of the fees. I know, we were stupid not to verify those two payments had been moved to the new account, but we are paying for it, that's for sure. And yes, they have been moved now.

I am beginning to be one of those pathetic people that hates money and hates dealing with it. Both Selo and I are working our butts off to get out of this rut. Unfortunately, we both know it is going to get a lot worse before it gets any better.

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Melissa said...

I feel so bad for you guys. I hope things get better for you.