Saturday, February 9, 2008

Rearranged My Blog- Again

Made some changes. I felt like the side bar was just too dang long. So I found a new template. I don't much like where my posts go- they looked squished to me. But I like having an area at the bottom- I moved a lot of stuff there. I feel better now about the side bar, and the overall length of my blog. Long posts are okay, but when the sidebar makes my blog layout a mile long, somethings got to go. I deleted a bunch of stuff. Stuff I had had on there for a while, or had worn out its welcome, or just wasn't doing it for my blog anymore. And I'll be moving the blinkies into their own post. And since I now have a bit of room on my sidebar, I will be adding a couple of button for my favorite blogs. I added a cool new widget. It shows my daily traffic and where they came from- Live! I'm excited about that. Anyway, I'd love some feedback if you've got a minute. And thank you to those of you that have emailed me about it. You guys are all great!

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Veloxe said...

This scared me. Cause I had it on the old layout before I went to work and come back, refresh, and it was like wtf happened!? Then I just started looking through it and what not. Feels a bit more...professional I think. It's the same template my dad used for his blog for awhile and then he switch to a template like your old one (irony!!).

The local traffic thing is pretty cool, but if people found out where I am I could be in trouble >.>