Friday, February 8, 2008

What a Week!

I was just reminded about how CLOSE Valentine's Day really is. I barely have time to clean up from Selo's birthday before thinking about V-day. And two weeks after the Lovers' Holiday is my Anniversary. I'm running out of ideas for this year people!!!

I have had a busy week. Work was crazy! But I love my job- and it's a good thing too. Trained a chicka today, handled two sets of clients since Matt is sick with strep, discussed Garrett's ever-so-complicated and-always-demanding client, and did five days of backwork now that the software problem has been figured out. TGIF.

But alas, I am amazed at what some of my friends have lived through this week. Surviving the IRS and tornadoes, refereeing great discussions about Pushover Parenting, making movies about playing with fire, looking for a new video card, and reviewing store bought PB&J sandwiches. Oh yes, and here's you friendly reminder to Say Thanks and Give a Click each and every day.

Have you seen these delicious brownies? I am salivating just looking at them! Betty Crocker sure knows what she is doing.

Medical stuff is still pouring in. We received another five bills yesterday (what's with the fives? Do they plan these things?) which came to an additional six or seven grand on top of the $25 or $30 grand that is already there. At this point, we are going to be paying for the rest of our existence, so I'm pretty numb to it. Anybody want to help me fight the insurance company?

I think I'm going to go make some dinner. I made some awesome firecracker chicken stirfry the other night. Selo loved it! I wonder what's up there that I can amaze him with tonight. lol He loves it when I cook, and I love it when he thanks me. It's a win-win situation ;)


Veloxe said...

The duckies is kawaii!!

Don't run out of ideas mini! My birthday is in March! I wonder if it overlays with this Anniversary stuff...hmmm

Also, just send me an email address for the insurance company and I will throw angry stuff at them. Seriously $30 grand?! That's ridiculous! I had heard it was bad without socialized medicine but that is just wrong...

*Mini* said...

Thanks Vel!

In my obsession with rubber duckies, I just couldn't pass up that photo.

Our anniversary is March 7. We are thinking about taking another vacation for it, but might just stay home and send everyone else in the house on a vacation for the weekend! What day is your birthday?

Hmmm, email addy for the insurance company. Maybe we could get one of those bot email accounts that will continually spam them. That would be cool.

Veloxe said...

March 2nd would be my birthday. 19 this year, wooo! Only 81 years left until I hit my goal! Gonna live to be 100 or die trying!

*Mini* said...

The 2nd, huh. Well if you want your birthday package, you will have to get it a bit sooner than your birthday. I will be pretty focused on my anniversary around that time.