Monday, March 31, 2008

Day 3

Today the girls had school, so Lizz and Selo figured out how to work around and make the most out of that time.

We got the their house around 7:45, and all piled in Lizz's van to drop them off at school. First dropped Katie off, then to Natalie's school. Selo stayed with Natalie at school for a while. He had breakfast with her, sat on the rug with her class, and was there as a part of it for about three hours (ish?). In the meantime, Lizz and I went back to her house and talked and worked on some other things. We picked Selo up, then headed to Katie's school. Selo, me, Lizz, and Madeleine all had lunch with Katie there at her school. Then Lizz and I left Selo there to spend time with Katie. We picked Natalie up, and went back. He got to spend about an hour with Katie at her school.

After picking Selo up, we all went back to Lizz's house to wait for school to let out. We had a good time talking and looking at the pictures Lizz took and some older pictures from when their girls were born.

When school was out, we picked Katie up and then left to go to Kreate-A-Kritter to make the girls some stuffed animals. Unfortunately, the store was closed when we got there. We made an attempt to contact the owner by the number left on the door, but no luck. So Lizz suggested we go across the street to a bead store and let the girls pick out beads to make themselves necklaces. Both girls had fun going through the store looking and deciding. Katie even picked out beads to make Selo a necklace.

Back at the house, Selo ordered pizza for everyone, and then the necklace making began. Katie and Natalie were so excited to be so crafty. Once the pizza arrived, that was the only thing that mattered. After pizza, everyone just hung out and relaxed. Eventually, the Wii that we had brought up with us got pulled out, and that grabbed the kids' attention. Nick, Katie, and Natalie were all completely entertained. Even Will, Misti, and Lizz were fascinated with it, and played themselves for a while.

It was getting time to get calmed down for bed, so 27 Dresses was turned on, and Selo, me, Katie, and Natalie curled up on the couch to watch it. Katie had that movie on her "list" of stuff she wanted to do with her dad and neither Selo nor I had seen it. Throughout the movie, people kept moving around and changing places. Will was called off to a job and asked Lizz to go with him, so they took off sometime during the movie. By the time it ended, Selo was in the lazy boy with both his girls in his lap, and I think Misti and I were on the couch with Madeleine between us. Selo got the girls ready for bed, hugged them tightly, and tucked them in. This was going to be his goodbye to them until we came back up, but he didn't want it to be a traumatic thing. He tucked them in, kissed them goodnight, and slipped out their bedroom door. We quietly got out stuff together and left to go back to our hotel.

Today turned out to be good. It was better than yesterday. The fact the girls were back into their normal routines and had the stability of school back made a big difference. It was nice for Selo to be able to spend some time with them at school, in their own little piece(s) of their world.

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