Sunday, March 30, 2008

Day 2

We got to their house around lunch time. Lizz and Misti were in the kitchen, so we played with the girls in their bedroom. I went to the car and brought in the Easter stuff Susan had sent up. She had sent up a little sack with stuffed animals, eggs, and candy for each of the girls- including Madeleine. It was great to see them all so excited about them.

We took off to Shopko, where we bought the girls some clothes. Katie and Selo picked out some stuff for her and Natalie ran through the store with me and Lizz following her. Natalie wanted everything she could reach lol. Natalie got two full outfits and a pair of shorts (she is still in toddler section, so the outfits are sold together) and Katie got a shirt, a jacket, and a pair of pants. Both girls got to pick a pair of sunglasses, and that seemed to be their favorite part.

After Shopko we went to Denny's for lunch. Lizz and I sat and talked, while Selo sat between their girls and they all three played. After a nice loooooong and relaxing meal, we piled back in the van. We passed Kreate-A-Kritter, which we will be taking Katie and Natalie to tomorrow after school.

I wanted some more pics of everyone, so we opted for a park and swung by to get Misti, Nick, and Madeleine. At the park, it was a blast. Today was warmer than yesterday- or maybe there was just not as much wind. We started on the merry-go-round, then the slides, then the swings, and back again. I think Lizz said she took over 600 pics during the hour we were out there. I can't wait to get the cd with all of them on it! And, I think, I might have actually been in some this time. I even got some good shots of the four of them together, which I had been wanting too ;)

We went back to their house, and decided to take a break. Katie and Natalie seemed to be a little emotional, so Selo and I figured we would take off for an hour or two and give them some time. Selo said the girls could call him if they wanted him to come back sooner, and Lizz said she would give Katie our telephone number as soon as we left. It was hard to leave them like that. Selo just wanted to sit and hold them while they cried. But, he wrapped Natalie up in a blanket and put her on the couch, gave Katie a big huge hug and she went and sat on her mom's lap, and we left.

We went back to the hotel, took a nap, and then went out for food. Mmmmm Hu Hut.

We got to the house just before eight o'clock. Selo went into the bedroom with them and curled on their bed to read them stories. Lizz and I were in the front room looking through the 500 pictures that were taken today. It was good for Selo, Katie, and Natalie to have some quiet time together. After putting them to bed, Selo and I slipped out the door and back to the hotel we went.

Tomorrow, we will be at their house around seven thirty am. We will go eat breakfast at Natalie's school, then Selo will stay and play with her at school. For lunch, we will go eat with Katie at her school. Then, Selo will stay with her for the rest of the day. Lizz and I will be spending a lot of time working on the pictures tomorrow. After school, we will be off to Kreate-A-Kritter where we will make stuffed animals for the girls. And then maybe watch one of the movies Katie asked for.

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