Tuesday, March 11, 2008

"Do They Teach This On Dora?"

A friend of mine at work told me this story, and I asked her to email it to me. I hope my kids are this smart- and teachable.

My sister sent the following story about my niece. I can relate....

I found out today how devious my 4 year old daughter is. I am trying to motivate her to stay dry at night so the other day I told her that if she doesn't pee in her pull-up, if when she wakes up it is dry, she can pick out a prize from our prize box. Well, the next morning she was dry! She was so excited! She loves picking prizes. She picked the bubble blower while at the same time announcing that "next time she is sooo going to pick a happymeal coupon". This morning I woke up early but decided to lay in bed for a little while longer. I heard her get out of bed and go into the bathroom. then I heard her go back into her bedroom for a little while. She doesn't normally do this. Normally she would come and see me first before even going to the potty. finally she came out of her room and joined me in my bed. she lay there for a minute cuddling with me. Then she sat up, stretched, pretended that this was her real wake up time and said "Mom I think my pull up is dry! Can I go pick a prize?" I knew what she had done. I checked on her last night and when I did her pull-up was wet. I asked her "Where did you put the wet one?" immediately she started crying and confessed that it was in her trash can and she put a dry one on so she could get a prize! how do little girls learn to be so deceptive? Do they teach that on Dora? I had a hard time not laughing but I don't want her to think lying is ok. we had a nice talk and needless to say, she is grounded for 2 days.

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