Thursday, April 10, 2008

My New Friend!

Selo gave me a gift for our anniversary. Our actual anniversary was in the beginning of March, but we are going to the Anniversary Inn on April 20 to celebrate it. So you could say this is an early-late anniversary gift.
I was so excited when he gave it to me. I have wanted a cute stuffed gorilla to put on my desk at work since I started here. Isn't he cute?! I love him. I just haven't been able to figure out a name for him yet. Any ideas?

PS Looking for Lasik?


grassyhill said...

He is such a cuttie... do you have a name for him?

Timmy said...

what about BCBW?? For Bow Chicka Bow-Wow!

*Mini* said...

grassyhill- No, no names yet. What do you think?

Timmy- lol Don't you think that's a little long? He's just a little guy!