Tuesday, June 10, 2008

This is What I Love About Being a Hairdresser

Friday night, at eleven o'clock, I cut my brother-in-laws hair. Since I had everything out, I also cut my husband's hair, and our roommates' hair. And a new (old!) trend was started.

Now, five people all around me look like this:Andy, my BIL. My sexXy husband, SeloSelo making kissy-face at me because I am ogling him in his new haircut
Tim, one of our fantastic roommates.
Wyatt, Tim's five year old son.
Wyatt showing off his great new 'do.

(Mohawks not pictured: David- a good friend that came over to get in on the trend.)

I am in love. I never thought I would like such a bizzaar and crazy haircut. But I just can't get enough of it- or my husband now that he has it. It's hawt.


marinifamily said...

You are very talented! I want to go on record that my 'hawk did not stay. But it was fun while it lasted!

*Mini* said...

Once I get them off the camera, I will have more pictures- and in one of them is your mohawk too!

Wyatt is adorable though. It's enough to make me want MY boys to have mohawks. lol

Bobbie said...

Nice!! You go girl!!