Thursday, July 17, 2008

Another Good Mark for The Blair Switch Project.

As I am going through my weekly routine of catching up on blogs, I stopped longer than usual at The Blair Switch Project. I love reading this blog. Intelligent, good writing, and plenty of thought goes in his posts. He is an excellent writer, and I enjoy it immensely.

Take his post about Ties. What a good point he makes! As we see customer service slipping away, I have to wonder what causes it. And I must admit, dress code is a big one. They say you can hear when someone has a smile on their face. Look better, act better, they say. Well, once again, thanks to Nathan, I agree all over again.

Now, moving on, check out what he wrote about PC Laptops. Not what I expected when I heard the title. But, once again, he makes a very good point.

Normally, I get my 'good reads' from books. However, The Blair Switch Project is enough to make me put my book down, and spend ample time at the computer.


Nathan Blair said...

Marie, you flatter me too much. Thank you for the positive comments!

*Mini* said...

It was all truth, Nathan. You deserve it.