Friday, July 18, 2008

Team Hess

I love blogging. But more than that, I love meeting completely awesome people and becoming great friends with them. And then learning that they also love blogging!

Say hello to Team Hess. Greg and Lera are new friends of Selo and I. Greg and Selo work together, and we went over to their house Friday night for dinner. (It was fantastic! Lera is a great cook!) We immediately hit it off. As Selo and Greg were in his office playing around on the base, Lera and I were in the front room talking all the wonderful books on her bookshelf.

And here is their blog. Team Hess They both right in it, so you will get updates from both. Plus, you've got to check out this awesome post, written by Greg himself. Go Palmer!

Greg and Selo are going to start a band- and Palmer will probably join as soon as he can hold the guitar- while Lera and I curl up with some books. It's a friendship made in heaven.

So, when are you guys coming to our house for dinner???

PS Anyone in the market for english saddles?


Lera said...

Hey Marie! Just checkin' out your blog. I'm sure I will be frequently stalking it now. It was nice meeting you guys! And thanks for all the nice words. We will definately have to plan something again.

*Mini* said...

Hi Lera. I'd be honored for you to stalk my blog. lol You guys want to come over for dinner? I'll email you.