Friday, July 18, 2008

Break From Prison Break

And not by choice, I might add. If you remember this post, you will remember me telling you little bit about my addiction to Prison Break. Selo and I finished the last disk on Season Two last week. But the third season won't be available on DVD until August! Ahhh! We have to wait a whole two weeks! *deep breath* I told you I was in it deep. I love them. The story has changed so much since the first one. I have seen characters I love taken off the show, and others that I have really wondered about added to the show. I guess I will just have to wait. Not like I have any other choice, right?


Lera said...

I just started watching this yesterday. It is intense. We are big 24 fans; the shows have a similar feel. You should check it out.

*Mini* said...

It is so intense. And then hard to just stop all of a sudden. Thanks for the referral to 24. I need something to hold me over until the next Prison Break season is out on DVD next month. (We are on Netflix, and they won't have it until then.) I think we might even have the first season at home. I'll have to look tonight.