Wednesday, July 23, 2008

New Calendar Program

I am loving this new calendar program I am using. It's called Rainlender. I got it from . . . drumroll . . . imagine that! Anyway, it has three parts to it, the calender, the daily events, and the to do list. I use all three. I can set alarms, notifications, appts, all sorts of stuff. It is making my life so much more organized. I use it for work, and it's awesome!

I'm also starting to get the hang of the Yahoo calendar. I like it because I can send reminders to my phone. I have a reminder set up to remind me to call in our meds at the beginning of each month and to call for someone's birthday. I think once I am able to figure it out completely, it will be a big help too.

And since I am on the subject of calendars, another one I have used for years is I put all the birthdays I need to remember for the whole year in it, and it sends me reminders for them. I get two reminders, and I set the amount of days previous to the birthday. I also have wedding days, anniversary days, and holidays in there.

So, between all three of these calendars, my life is getting much easier. What a nice break from the stress!

PS Looking for New York Yankees tickets? Look no further. You're welcome.

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