Monday, September 15, 2008

Our New Baby <3

So we have a new baby, and yes, I'm totally smitten. It took me plenty of begging, but Selo did go to Petsmart on Saturday. As soon as we got to the cats, he said "I want to see that one" and pointed to a tortie sweetheart that was loving the window separating us. She is now the newest (and most spoiled) member of our home. We both love her to death, and she rubs and snuggles plenty back. Here's the catster profile I made for her. I warned you that I was a sucker for her. I'm glad we got her. After Selo had fallen in love with her, we got to hear a little more about her background. She had been adopted once before, but had been brought back. She doesn't care for other animals, even as sweet and loving as she is to us. So when she didn't get along with the dog in her first home, they had to bring her back. We are glad, though, because she connected with us right away. Okay, so maybe she connected with Selo first, but I adore her just as much. I love having her follow me around the house and climb into my lap on the couch and snuggle under the blankets with me in bed. *happy sigh* (Pictures are on the profile I made for her.)

Oh and, the grocery service? Fantastic! It was sooo great.

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