Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Thought I'd Post An Update

It has been forever since I've posted an update, so I thought now would be a good time. We've had a lot of changes.

We are doing fantastic.

Selo's health is good right now. He hasn't had any attacks for about a month, all his meds are steady. We had a bit of trouble with his stomach med, since all it was discontinued, but we got it changed and he is doing a lot better. He feels good, he looks good, and he is able to carry on a normal and active life again.

Work is going well for both of us. My job is booming, especially with the financial market dropping so harshly. I am busier than ever at work, and it is great. Selo has something in the works that could be a very, very good thing for us.

We are making progress in our finances. We are getting things caught up, and paying all of our monthly bills, with money left over. At this point, we are also making some serious payments on Selo's medical bills. We have made some excellent progress, and have high hopes for our financial future.

We are traveling again. We are traveling people, and it's diffuclt to stay put for so long!For Thanksgiving, we will probably be gonig to Saint George. Christmas might be in California. We are planning a 7 day trip to Las Vegas in January to spend a week with another side of the family. Look how beautiful the resort we will be staying in is! Our time share has really paid off. We have gotten more out of it than we ever paid. It has been sooo nice to able to travel again.

We have a sweet new baby. Her name is Shinobi, and we have enjoyed having her. We spoil her, and she loves to show us how grateful she is. She is a little snuggler and is constantly on one of our laps or curled up next to us. And she is very much a daddy's girl. He picked her out and named her, and she has him wrapped around her little finger.

No plans to have any children yet. We just finished with a big mess with his ex wife. (Thank heavens it is over!) We are enjoying it be just the two of us, and having the time to get to know each other, strengthen our marriage, and the freedom to go whenever we want. We are planning another year or so, and then we will talk about starting our family.

We are loving our home. Our apt is wonderful and we haven't had any problems. We'll probably stick around here until we have our first child. Our new ward is suited very well for us. There are a few kids, but mostly married couples that are in the same life phase that we are. We will probably be getting callings soon, and we are looking forward to all the friends in the ward.

I think that's it for now. Have a wonderful day!

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