Wednesday, October 1, 2008

A good day

I have been working to organized my address list. I am re-organizing the layout of it, alphabetizing it, updating peoples' addresses, and I will be adding phone number and email addresses to it soon. Once that is all done, I will be adding of that information to my phone. That way I have an updated spreadsheet in my email to access from any computer and I have all the information up to date on my phone.

I did some more work on the medical bills. I seem to do a lot of work on them, every other month. I make payments, get caught up on details, re-organize. But I only do it every other month.

Our vacation last weekend was wonderful. We went to AZ, and had a great time. We left Friday morning, stopped at Four Corners, and continued on to the resort. Friday night, Beka and Andy went to Joseph City to visit the city he used to live in. Saturday we all bummed around. We had a late breakfast, played in the pool, got sunburned, shopped in the little shops on the resort, had a picture done in old western style clothes, the boys cooked dinner for us, we had a toast for Beka and Andy's wedding, and we watched some movies. Saturday we left around mid morning, stopped for a few hours in Blanding, had lunch, saw a taxidermy shop (that was a first for me!), and then left to go home. It was a fantastic and relaxing weekend.

I booked the Vegas resort today. Oh my excitement! Selo and I, Andy and Beka, and possibly Kristine and another friend are all meeting our grandma Sue, two of her grandkids, and one of their friends down there. We are going to stay for a week. Boy are we planning a lot of stuff to do.

I received two very interesting emails this week. They were from two different ladies, asking me to apply to be in a pageant. I have been invited to be in the Mrs Utah United States 2009 and the Mrs International 2009 pageants. For both of them, someone referred me as a good participant. I am getting a packet of info from the Mrs Int one and I will be attending an orientation in Nov for the Mrs Utah one. I must say, it was a serious boost to receive those invitations. If I do either one, I will need to get working on my platform right away. Beka and I have been brainstorming through a couple of ideas, and she came up with a good one for me. I like it, and I think I would be able to do well with it.

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