Thursday, December 18, 2008

Christmas is in our home

We put up our Christmas last night :) Monday night we got the front room ready, and then last night, the Christmas went up! I took a lot of pics so I could share it with you.

We started with our brand new white lighted Christmas tree that had never been opened yet.

Then came the star.

I've always wanted a "themed" Christmas tree, so this year I did one. Red bows.

Finally, I added the Jesus stocking. Christmas *is* about Him, so it's only logical.

And this is our beautiful finished Christmas tree.

After the tree was finished, I set out the Gingerbread Bread house my Grandma and Grandpa Davis gave me a few years ago.

I had a blast setting up the incredibly cute nativity set my fabulous stepmom Judy gave me. (Isn't that sheep just adorable?)

I set out our JC Penny Micky Mouse snow globes- one for each Christmas we have been a couple. (2005 - 2008 so far. We were together for two years before we got married and we've been married for almost two years.) It was really sweet when I put them out. Selo asked me what I was going to do when we had so many they wouldn't all fit on the same table. Isn't he so lovable?
These are the stockings that we stuff for each other. Selo's is the green one and mine is the white.Up came our stockings. These three stockings are special. The one in the front is one that my stepmom Judy emobroidered/ cross stichted for me. The one behind that is one that I made and hand embroidered his name into for Selo, since he didn't have a stocking. (Of course, he had to have a stocking! Why the heck didn't he have one before? tsk tsk. Poor guy.) And the one in the back is the stocking I grew up with. Now that my sisters and I are grown, my mom gave them to us to keep.
And here, is the finished masterpiece. This is our Christmas Corner. Isn't it simply perfect?

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Crys said...

That is a really great idea that you hung the three special stockings. I've been wondering what to do with my childhood stocking when I get it. (especially since we all got new stockings this year.) Your Christmas decorations look great!