Tuesday, December 16, 2008

OMGosh my husband is awesome

Last night, I got tired of not having our Christmas out yet, and I wanted to get it out. Well, the first thing that needed to be done was to make some room. So I started pulling stuff out and moving stuff around and stacking and making piles and all sorts of commotion. My husband, who is amazing might I add, saw this and came to help me. Well, he got even more motivated than I did, and rather than simply stack the boxes for the next time one of us got into the storage on our deck, he went out there and started pulling that apart too. The wonderful man dug out our box of Christmas decorations and our Christmas tree. And then he proceeded to organize the storage closet so that we could fit not only what had been in there before but all the rest of the boxes that had been sitting in our front room. We spent two hours cleaning and organizing and moving furniture around and vacuuming and on and on. And HE did the vacuuming!

So today, when I get home from work, I'll spend maybe half an hour going through the rest of our "get rid of" box separating into stuff my sisters would want and stuff to give away. And then I will have the rest of the evening to put up our Christmas, wrap presents (in newspaper and permanent markers, which is so much fun), and enjoying our new larger size front room. Yes, larger size. Now that we have put so much in the storage, we have about ten square feet more room. How amazing is that! So I just had to say that my husband is awesome.

Want to know some other things he does that are awesome? Let me list them for you.
  1. He does the dishes. He loads, unloads, puts away, and washes pots and pans by hand.
  2. He meets with our attorney to go over the CS case we are fighting. (They still owe us $1800 in payments that were made above and beyond what was owed. It has been owed to us for almost a year, and we are now retaining an attorney to get the money back for us. I'm sick of playing this ridicules game. If HE owed THEM, they would have come after him with everything in the book. But they think that because they owe him, they can take their sweet loving time.)
  3. He still opens my doors for me, and escorts me whenever we are together.
  4. He loves on and plays with our cat, so that she will leave me alone while I'm trying to make the bed or clean the bathroom or anything like that.
  5. He sings me cute songs. Randomly. Just to cheer me up.
  6. He is willing to work through anything that comes up in our marriage. Not just once in a while, but anytime we have a disagreement or something, he and I are able to come out closer and more in agreement (even if we agree to disagree sometimes) and feel afterward.
  7. He tucks me into bed, making sure I have enough blankets, they are pulled up high enough, I have my favorite pillow, and I am comfortable.
  8. He will not only help me decide what to make for dinner, but he will help me make it.
  9. When we are out shopping together- yes, takes me shopping!- he lets me buy almost anything I want. He knows I'm not a frivolous shopper (I hate shopping) so when I want something, I can usually have it.
  10. He invites my family to come to our house. Like for Christmas? We are all meeting at my house since it's half way between my two sisters' and my mom's. And he is actually and truly looking forward to having everyone at our house.
Now, read all of that and just try to convince yourself that my husband isn't completely awesome. Yep, I love the man. And I could go on forever about him. Isn't he wonderful?


Crys said...

Ahhh!! My future hubby does the dishes too! And opens doors for me and treats me like a lady. I love it!

*Marie* said...

Isn't it sweet! Makes me feel like a queen <3

Jade said...

*giggles* #s 3-7 are on my Ryan list as well =)

*Marie* said...

So many women only complain about their husbands, even if the man is a good guy. I absolutely love my husband, and I feel so blessed to have him. I think we women are a lot luckier than we realize a lot of times.