Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Christmas- Pictures, Kids, and Phones

Have I mentioned lately how much I love eBay? My sister and her husband got new phones last night (welcome to Sprint!). Instead of buying accessories at the store, Beka and I are shopping online for them. A car charger is a dollar. A single dollar. The shields for their phones are a couple of buck- with free shipping. It's fantastic. The only problem is now *I* want a new phone. I love all the features on my Instinct, but they touch keyboard bugs me. I think I'm the only person on the planet that doesn't care for it. Anyway, so I check out what other phones are on eBay. They have Centros, BlackBerrys (BlackBerries?), Treos, all sorts. The Treo and BlackBerry phones are going for more than I plan on spending, but the Centro is cuter and there are a lot more on eBay, which also means they are going for a better price because people have more options. So I have a bunch of them on my watch list, and I'm thinking I might have a really good chance at getting one for my limit of less than $10. Yay for eBay and yay for me. Christmas present to myself.

Speaking of Christmas, I found another place online that I buy customize gifts. There's a certain item I have been wanting to have customized with a picture but I haven't been able to find anywhere that does that item. (Can't say what the item is because I don't want a certain someone to know about it.) But this site has it! I am happy that I found it, and I've already started playing around with the design on it.

Also, about Christmas, I am acutally looking forward to it. I have hated Christmas since the year I had my son. It was just plain hard. Most holidays are okay now, but Christmas still bothered me sometimes. Well this year, I am actually excited about it. Selo and I have our own place. We can set up our tree, decorate the house, play Christmas music. We can do Christmas OUR way. And I am glad to have him to celebrate it with. It lessons the hole in my heart that a child could be. AND we are also going to have the blessing of some special guests for Christmas this year. Lizz is allowing her girls to come spend two weeks with us. Yes, you read that right, and yes we are so incredibly grateful.

See back when Selo and I went up to see the girls in October, Lizz and I made arrangements for them to come down here for Christmas. She and I discussed all the details, including visiting all the girls family down here on Selo's side and Lizz's side, stuff they needed for Christmas, how to stay in contact so that Lizz and her girls would still be able to communicate any time they wanted, and meeting half way to pick up and drop off. Well since we would already be driving, we agreed to also take Cheyenne, Misti's daughter, who lives in MT and needed to come to UT for Christmas. Well, Lizz has been through a lot lately, and didn't think she would be able to follow through with the plans. We were crushed, but oh well. We can't really force her to let us see them and have no rights, so we dropped it. However, Lizz text me a couple of days ago and said she was letting them come down here. Misti doesn't have the $$$ to drive Chey down here by herself. So if we aren't going up there and helping her get Chey to her dad's, then Misti has to get another job to cover the cost. Well, if Misti gets a job, then Lizz has no one to watch her girls while she works. So, if Lizz backs out, it kind of throws a wrench in things for everyone. But Misti and Lizz talked and worked things out between them, and now Lizz is allowing the girls to come down here for Christmas.

Selo and I are really excited about it. And OMGosh you should have heard their grandma when I told her they were coming. I thought she was going to burst. (She's also going to be watching the girls for us, so she's going to be able to spend a lot of time with them.) Selo and I have talked about a few things we are going to do with them. He wants to take them to a museum down here. We want to do a craft where they can make Christmas presents for their grandma and great grandma and great grandpa and other relatives. Selo wants to be able to spend some individual time with each one of them.

I can NOT wait for me and my sisters and my brother to give our parents and extended family their presents. We all got together and had pictures of all of us done during the summer while they are out here, and that's what we are giving out. I think my mom and step-mom especially are going to be really surprised and happy about it. We put a lot of thought into backgrounds and clothes and hair and everything so that they would look great. And they do! I am looking forward to seeing the look on everyone's faces.


Crys said...

Family crafts are so fun! We went to Michael's and got some of those glass DIY ornaments and paints and stuff to fill them with. We're all making out own ornament and then making a family ornament to mark our first Christmas together. I hope you all have fun together :)

*Marie* said...

Making ornaments, what a great idea! Maybe we could do that as the gift for the grandparents. Thanks Crys.

Melissa said...

I am so happy that you and Selo are going to be spending two weeks with the girls!

Jade said...

Aww I like the new Christmas layout!

I'm so glad things are still heading in the right direction with Lizz as well.

I stopped by to share a new post on Aftershocks (http://aftershocks.sweet-catastrophe.com/twilight-music/) It's two of my current favorite songs that really have a Twilight-pull to them so I thought you might enjoy them as well. I may have already shared one of them with you before, I'm not sure. Hope you enjoy them!